Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy birthday to my hubby!

Happy 36th birthday, dear one!

I hope that he has had a good day. We went out to eat for a NICE dinner tonight, and he had a NY strip steak. Then we went looking for some good deals on clothes, and got a few things for the boys, him, and a couple of shirts at Old Navy for ME for $2.99 ea! I'm not sure I'll wear them outside the house since they show off my back fat, but hey! For $2.99 I can wear 'em around the house!

I've finished all but 2 exercises of this week's homework, and I still need to do my lesson plans. Tomorrow evening my sister(s) and I will be traveling to Aunt Billie's funeral, so I've got to get this stuff done before we leave if at all possible. I just can't look at doing it at 10 pm tonight though!


Jamie said...

Awesome deals Christi! I have some "only around the house because it shows off more than I'd like to admit is there" clothes too. but for the right price you can't beat it!

I wish you safe travels on your journey to the funeral. I'll be thinking about ya!

Steph said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy Birthday to Hubby! My daughters birthday is today! if you get a chance check out my post to her today.