Sunday, March 2, 2008

Will I ever catch up?

Do you ever feel like this? Like you are perpetually behind on everything? Schoolwork, laundry, dishes, email, etc. Where I was out of pocket for several days with Adam and Chris and I all sick, I am still not caught up. And my durn family won't just go naked! LOL

I'm way behind on work for the class I'm taking. And then the one computer with Windows capabilities in the house is so old that the programs that I need to run aren't running. Our other computers are Macs, so they won't run what I need to run either. I did actually get my classwork for the online class done yesterday thankfully! I need to write lesson plans, and actually need to get down on paper what we did last week! Ugh. I'll catch up eventually, right?!


Robin said...

I hate feeling that way. The sun will shine again. Hang in there!! I enjoyed getting together Friday evening. Let's plan the next one now!

Tara said...

Oh I can totally relate! I feel like I'll never catch up either.

But we will.


Any day now.

Do I sound convincing?

Misty said...

you've summed up my life! YES, i do feel like this...