Saturday, March 8, 2008

What a day!!

It was a busy one, but honestly, since it was the first Saturday we've all felt well in weeks, I am not sorry that we were busy--I was thrilled we all were WELL!!

Chris let me sleep in a bit, and then I hopped up, ate me some Special K with Chocolate Bits (that probably isn't the real name but it is what I call it!) and put a load of clothes in the wash. We vegged out for a bit and then all got dressed and ready for Chris' parents to meet us here. Then we headed to Fun Expedition! Isaac isn't having a big family bash like we usually do, so Mamaw and Granddaddy wanted to do something special with him. Chris' brother and his wife and 2 kids met us there, and fun was had by all!

We then loaded back up in cars and headed to Carino's for lunch, which was waaaay yummy! Isaac opened his presents there and was less than thrilled with his Webkins that he has asked for, so Daddy and I were frustrated. If it was just US there, it would have been different, but Mamaw kept going on and on about how she'd get him something else and that we shouldn't fuss at him, and blah blah is just overkill. That isn't the point. But we tried not to let it ruin the day. What was most frustrating was he said that wasn't what he was expecting, but he couldn't tell me WHAT he was expecting??

Anyway, we came home and rested a bit before taking Isaac for his first sleepover at H.'s house. I then put some more clothes in, did some work for my class, and we ate and watched some tv. I talked to my sister and mom on the phone, and then someone beeped in. I checked the messages since I was on the phone, and it was H's mom. Isaac was sad and wanted to come home. Chris wasn't surprised, but I had honestly expected him to stay all night! So he stayed about an hour more, then I went back and got him. (after another load of clothes, of course! LOL)

And on the plate for tomorrow: Sunday School, church (in which I have both the Children's Sermon and Children's Church!), an school system Art Extravaganza that Chris and I can get credit for attending, D.U.C.K.S, choir practice, and somewhere in there finish my class stuff, write lesson plans, and finish picking up the house!

Phew! I'm tired just thinking about it!

And next weekend, we have a birthday party on Friday, a birthday party on Saturday, and mom and dad are taking Isaac out for dinner and to a play for his birthday. Our high school basketball team is headed to Richmond for the semi-finals, and Isaac wanted to know why we couldn't go! But when I told him the list of things that were going on, he was cool with it. We did go last year, but last year we weren't saving money for a cruise, so that changes things!

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! :D

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Misty said...

this is birthday party season for us too!