Friday, January 4, 2008

Another awesome giveaway!

Yeah, yeah, I guess I should be writing something funny and incredibly interesting, but I have a headache after having to actually teach school today! LOL Good thing I have 2 days off! So instead I'll share another fantastic giveaway that I have happened upon!

Momsational is giving away a boatload of goodies for moms and their kiddos! You will not believe all the stuff that is included here! Here are what the winners will recieve:
First Prize:

* A Wordsies shirt of your choice
* “What the Dickens” Audiobook
* Momager Calling Cards & box of stationery
* NoThrow tether

Second and Third Prize:

* A Wordsies shirt of your choice
* “What the Dickens” Audiobook
* NoThrow tether

Fourth and Fifth Prize:

* A Wordsies shirt of your choice
* “What the Dickens” Audiobook

If you would like to see all the loveliness in pictures and read more about it, please visit Momsational, and enter just by commenting!

And don't forget to visit the post below to enter my Pay It Forward Book Exchange!!

Now, for a question, so you don't just wander aimlessly away from my blog disillusioned and heartbroken...

Have YOU ever won an contest/giveaway on the internet? What have you won?

I will leave you to wonder for a day what I have won, and share that with you tomorrow!

Have a good night!


Missy said...

Never, ever ever.

One time when I got freaked out and almost hyperventilating about the bills (it happens from time to time) and having just seen some lady on TV who virtually made a career of winning contests, I stayed up very late and entered about 42 million sweepstakes online.

Didn't win jack.

Once in high school I won a 4 foot stuffed bunny in a raffle.

Overwhelmed! said...

Christi, you won one of my December books! Please send me your mailing address.

ProjectHope said...

yes i have won a few things, and just in time for birthdays or of the funniest things was a gift basket of clothes and toys about potty training form an online compnay based in canada. it arrived a few days before christmas, and i was staying for the holidays with friends whose granddaughter was potty training.. what was really funny without going into specifics was the name and shape of the stuffed toys and what was on the shirt... the little girl loved the gifts and the parents and grandparents roared.. they were expensive and high quality, even tho what they represented was a little crass...not in the eyes of the child... it encouraged her to finish up her training!!! how funny..

oh amanda said...

I've won so much stuff since I've been blogging. Mainly books.

Once I won a poster of a Chris ODonnell movie from I also won a watch and returned it to Macy's --and got $100 cash back! COOL!