Friday, January 25, 2008

Losing teeth!

Isaac lost a tooth tonight! He isn't even sure when he lost it! We were all in the same building complex, but he went to the varsity boys' basketball game, which was going on in the middle school, while the JV girls' team played in the high school (smaller) gym. My niece was playing, so Chris, Adam and I stayed there. No worries, he wasn't running loose....he was sitting with the boys team. His best buddy is the coach's son, so he got to be a water boy!

So we get home and I'm saying prayers with him, and he realizes that he has lost a tooth. He immediately starts worrying that the tooth fairy won't leave him any money! So we got up and wrote a note that said,"Dear Tooth Fairy, Isaac lost his tooth at the ballgame and didn't even know it! His tooth is in the GCMS gym. Will you find it and give him the money for it? Isaac's Mom". That satisfied him!

Do you remember anything about losing your teeth? I remember that I lost my first tooth at my grandmother's house when she was living in Atlanta. I remember worrying that the tooth fairy wouldn't know where to find me! But she did, and I got a shiny new Susan B. Anthony dollar! Remember those?! I remember our family friend Bill pulled teeth painlessly, so he pulled a few of them. The first one, though, is the only one I remember specifically.

My niece's team won their game, by the way, as did the Varsity boys!


LibAnn said...


And no I really don't remember anything about losing my teeth as a kid.

My most memorable with my own kid's is when my 10 yr old dd lost hers on the way to Ft Lauderdale from Miami. I bought her an ice cream afterward.

Silly memory, but it warms my heart.

LibAnn said...

PS I finally got around to updating my blogroll and I have you up sweetie.