Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Scribblings--Fellow Travelers

What to write, what to write....fellow travelers....

I haven't been traveling on the road of blogging very long, but I have been traveling in different neighborhoods of parenting message boards for quite some time. This time a year ago, I was going through a very depressing time because the site that I had loved and helped run for several years was falling apart. It fell apart totally, eventually and now I visit my friends that I met there in 3 different places. But it was not the first parenting message board I had visited or gotten involved in.

And the fellow travelers that I have met along the way in these message boards, they are many! I have made friends with people on the other side of the world, but these people have been there for me just as much as anyone I know in real life. I have also met, in person, some very dear friends online. I have spent the night in the homes of two wonderful, Godly women who are very dear to me, and again...if I called on them, I know that these two ladies would be there for me in an instant.

Now that isn't to say that I haven't met some strange ones across my journey! There was the one who, 2 or three years ago, used my login on our boards to impersonate me and cause allllll sorts of problems. I felt violated, I felt used, I was madder than a wet hen, and it certainly made me much more aware.

But all in all, I have made friends with some very wonderful people online. I have come to know people from all walks of life, and I believe have become a more open and understanding person with their help. I have had conversations about the Lord with people who could, even though they didn't know me in real life, could tell how very deep my faith runs, and how much the Lord means to me. I have drawn some 'real life' friends into some of these communities and have come to know them on a different level through them.

If you ever wish to join me in my online travels in the message board world, you would be very welcome! Here are the three sites that I frequent:

My Parent Connection
Laundry Can Wait


Mel's World said...


That is so cool!!! Thanks for stopping by Mel's World on your bloggy tour. I hope to have you come back and love that you have that button on your side bar! Good job!

Take Care,

Shari said...

It is great that you have met so many neat people online. You said that you are new to the blogging world. Me too. I've only been doing a blog for 2 months. And I'm already addicted.

Misty said...

isn't it amazing how easily the gap from where we stand to anywhere else, is bridged? our generation is so fortunate!

Killlashandra said...

Hi Christy, you won my January book giveaway. Please stop by my blog to say hi and send me your mailing address.

tumblewords said...

Strange how a blog or meme seems to be doing well and then disappears. Kinda like real life. Grin. I really enjoyed your post! Lots to think about -

keith hillman said...

I have been blogging for some time now and it really changed my life. So many new friends, so many virtual experiences. It is of course the survival of the fittest out here in blog land! Can't afford to take your eye off the ball!

Thank you for a very interesting read.