Saturday, January 12, 2008

Who wouldda thunk?!

I was getting Adam ready for Isaac's first Upward basketball game this morning, when I noticed he had these spots all over his legs, and that his feet were red and swollen. I showed it to Chris, and I tell ya, he kept breaking out as we were watching him! His arms and hands started getting spots too, so we decided I'd forgo the ballgame and get him to the doctor! I told him that if he started feeling like he couldn't breathe to tell me. His hands and legs started itching too. They got us back pretty quickly when they saw on his hands the way he was broken out.

The doctor said that it was just a different way that a virus was presenting itself. He said that since he'd had a stuffy nose and cough earlier in the week, and because the spots were blanche-able?, that was what he thought it was. He said he'd never seen the hands and feet present that way, and to keep an eye on him and if he got worse to bring him back. He said to give him Claritin, too.

We ran by Target and his spots disappeared as quickly as they appeared. He is supposed to be going to a birthday party this evening...that will remain to be seen!


Liz said...

I had a weird virus like that before. I don't remember swelling, but I had a rash and blotchiness all over my body with a low-grade fever. Once the rash disappeared, I had joint pain for almost a week. Very, very strange.

oh amanda said...

Ew, how weird. Glad it's disappeared. Hope he feels better!