Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pardon my pity party

Everyone is entitled to these every once in a while. And here's mine.

It is freakin' frustrating when you have so many perfect people in your life.

First, I have my perfect (or so it seems to many) oldest sister, who has 4 kids and weighs 120. She looks like she's never had kids. She has beautiful legs. She is always cheery and peppy to everyone who she meets on the street, even though we, her family, sometimes have to deal with the not so cheery side of her. She is the ultimate sports mom, always there to cheer her kids on.

Then there is the other sister, who had to perpetually spotless house. She cleans it from top to bottom every week, without fail. Spiders tremble in her presence. And her home.....her home! They have added on a den, a sauna, and a dance studio for my niece, and most recently bought a hot tub, too. Her yard is tastefully landscaped, and everything everywhere is JUST. SO.

So enough to live up to the fact that I'm not skinny and always perky and don't have a fantastically clean home....but then you throw my sister in law in the mix!

She always has a card to you before your birthday/anniversary/every little unknown little obscure holiday takes place. She cooks plenty of food and has it to the sick and family of the dead the day before anyone else. She, too, keeps a spotless house, and has perfect children who are smart and well mannered. She teaches middle school, WELL, and my father in law (who is a Superintendent in another county) is always giving her accolades for her wonderful SOL scores. She also somehow managed to have the old granddaughter and the youngest grandchild, so they always trump us for Christmas programs and such.

So what do I do well? Well, I'm closer to my parents than both sisters because I was home alone with them the longest. I birth babies well with no complications. I must be doing something right to have taught first grade successfully for 10 years, and I can give a mean Children's Sermon at church. I sing well. So I know I am not all bad, but how did I manage to get the luck to have such perfect women in my family?????


Kathleen Marie said...

I am sure they do not feel perfect at all. They are most likely just perfectionists in certain areas. I'll bet they feel a lot of pressure to be the way they are.

I am also sure they look at you and think you are so perfect in so many areas they aren't.

We are all hard on ourselves in many areas.

Just continue to love them and pray for them and be there for them when they need you.

Anyone who can teach first graders for 10 years is a saint in my book.


Tara said...

oh I understand...

Robin said...

Christi, Christi, Christi. I need to call you and remind you of a few things, don't I? :)
Do you want my social worker sister who doesn't let any grass grow, literally? She mows at least once every 5 days when she can. I'm lazy according to her.

ChristiS said...

Thank you so much ladies....PMS will do this to a woman, ya know....thanks for reading and understanding!