Thursday, January 31, 2008

My trooper is sick

Adam is my trooper. He doesn't complain. He broke his leg when he was about 18 months old, and we don't even really know when, cause he never cried. He had to have 3 X-rays before we saw new bone growth to know it was broken! He once had a sinus infection and double ear infection so bad that gunk was coming out of his eyes, and never said a word. The way I know that he is sick is if he gets a fever. I looked at him this morning and even though he wasn't running a fever, he had that sick look through his I decided to keep him home and try to catch it before it got worse.

His doctor agreed that it looked like a sinus infection. He's been coughing for a week, so he went ahead and gave us an antibiotic. We did do the blood test for walking pneumonia, which was thankfully negative...and I thought it might have been that, so I am glad we went ahead and tested. He is still going full force, even with his runny nose, cough, red and runny eyes, and sore throat with drainage!

So hopefully the antibiotics will set in and he'll be better in no time!


truth said...

Ah, one of my kids was like this too. I would feel so bad when I realized she was so sick.

Misty said...

bless his heart!!!

Robin said...

Hope he gets to feeling better!!

Mel's World said...


Come by Mel's World...I have GOOD NEWS for you!