Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What was your favorite childhood pet?

I remember lots of pets! The first cat I remember us having was Missy, a Siamese. She stayed around for years! My first dog was named Hardly..because he had Hardly any legs! He was a dauschaund. I know that is misspelled, but I can't figure out how to spell it, so if that upsets you, just leave how to spell it in the comments and I'll fix it!
We had to get rid of Hardly after a while because he bit a church member (remember, my dad is a United Methodist minister) but a different church member took him, so I could still go visit him occasionally.

I had a Cocker Spaniel named Buffy, and my foster brother got a pomeranian named Tiny about the same time. Unfortunately, Buffy got hit by a car about a year later. Tiny we had for years! We called him a cat trapped in a dogs' body, cause he was so prissy! He passed away while I was in college.

When I was 13, we got my favorite pet, a boxer that we named Elijah. Oh, how I love that dog! We grew up together! He used to get off his run sometimes and I would have to chase him around town. He thought that being chased was a delightful game! I remember running through the streets of Big Stone Gap, Virginia in my nightgown one Sunday morning, and that time I finally had to tackle him! I could tell ya lots of Eli stories....but I'll save some for later! ;)

Our current pets are the cats: Francie, who I've had since before Chris and I met; Joe, who actually lives with the neighbors but sleeps in our basement during the day; and Gunner, who we adopted from the neighbors' grandkids. The dogs are: Sally, a Weimerainer mix who we got when we were engaged and Nixie, a Boxer who was the runt of the litter who we got free for promising not to breed her. And lots of fish!

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Anonymous said...

A little black feist dog named "Queenie". When I was 19 I had a beautiful Siamese cat named "Jingles". I miss them both.