Thursday, July 23, 2009

Boy, what a day!

Adam and I left the house before 10 thinking we'd have an easy morning/day. We had to go get his Kindergarten shots, but it didn't turn out to be nearly as easy as we thought!

Everything started fine....typical checkup, with filling out paperwork and HIPPA agreements and such. We realized that in '06 we had put off him getting his Chicken Pox vax, so we ended up having to get that in addition to the MMR, Polio, and whatever he other one was...I can't remember! Dr. F decided to go ahead and do a urine and blood workup as well, not only for a lead test for him to enter Kindergarten, but also to check for anemia, which he has had in the past. He weighed 42 pounds and was 45 inches tall.

So....we proceed to the shots...4 of 'em! Then I had Nurse V. to look at a place on his leg that was suspicious, and I'm glad I did since it WAS poison ivy! I also talked to Dr. F about the fact that Adam did not read 20/20 on his vision screening. He said that we could either wait or go ahead and get him checked out. Since we have a family history of vision problems, I opted to go ahead and get it looked at. More about that later.

So after the shots, we proceeded to the lab, where a very small amount of blood was drawn from his finger. Adam was brave through it all!


I was signing out, and he started leaning toward me. I said,"What are you doing?" and he didn't answer me, and the receptionist tells me,"He's passed out!" So 2 nurses assisted us in getting him sitting in a chair, and he quickly came to. He was not sure what was going on, and was very pale. One nurse went ahead and laid him down in an exam room again, and laid a cool cloth on his forehead. He was also saying that his mouth hurt. So we waited for a few minutes to make sure he was okay. I stayed calm, but scared me to death!! I wanted to cry like a baby!!

I had promised Adam that we'd go get him a toy since he'd done so well at the shots and blood draw, so we went to Target to get him some anti-itch for his poison ivy and he picked out a toy. He wanted to go ahead and visit the optometrist before lunch, much to Mommy's growling stomach's dismay!

We saw a nice doctor, who told us that Adam has an astigmatism as well as being slightly far-sighted. We decided to pick out some frames since they were running a special (buy some frames and get the lenses free for anyone under 17--check out Lenscrafters!) The frames we picked out were more expensive than I normally would have allowed, but given the special, I let him get them. We're gonna go get Isaac's eyes checked, too, while they have this deal on so if he needs a pair, we'll get 'em cheaper!

Here's a pic of the frames. I'll get one of Adam IN the glasses so you can see how preciously handsome he looks in them!

We got lunch and went to do a little bit of shopping for ME while waiting for the glasses to get done. Unfortunately there was a machinery problem, so it ended up taking about an hour and a half instead of an hour, but hey--we're flexible!

However, after all this unexpected stuff in one day, I'm worn out! Adam and I took a nap when we got home, and now they're in TaeKwonDo! I realized that I can access free wifi here, so I'll be much more apt to bring my laptop and stay while they're in class from now on! we are! *insert pic of me with my tongue hanging out!*


Wanda Metcalf aka; TXBlueEye on Twitter said...

Wow! sorry no, no really you spend all of that cash card on yourself lady. I won't even borrow the gown ; )

Glad everything turned out ok in the end

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

oh my! you two had a long day! especially with everything your son had going on...

and he still was up for taekwondo!

yay! for napping!

Blessings & Aloha!