Friday, July 24, 2009

Let's not leave anyone out!

I'm loving that those of us who aren't at BlogHer are getting lots of parties in as well! I wanna be part of ALL of them, so I need to let you know about BlogHer@Home! This great party even encourages me to drink and take bewb shots if I want! (Not very likely, but I like that I've been given permission!)

So for those of you that don't know me...I'm Christi, a Christian 30something wife of 11 years to Chris and mother to Isaac, 8, and Adam, 5. I am a teacher, and am getting ready to start my first year as a Reading Specialist at two elementary schools. I'm also a grad student, as I am halfway through my Master's cohort in Reading. I love reading, blogging, hanging out at parenting message boards, and I love to nap when I get the chance!

And I'm a fighter. Wanna know what I fight against?! I fight such things as illiteracy, mad parents in her classroom, chocolate, overeating, the battle of the bulge, liberals, non-Christians, and the clutter in her house. I've also been known to battle fibromyalgia and the pain it brings on, depression, and people who mistreat my family and friends.

So if you got through all this and still want to stick around, welcome! Glad to have ya here! Can't wait to get to know you better--bewb shots and all!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I shake you warmly by the hand.
Coming from Blogher at home- Nice to get to meet you.

shopannies said...

Stopping by and glad to meet you

Em said...

Also here from blogher@home.

And, come on, now, don't fight against ALL liberals, we're not so bad! ;-)