Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mama's Got a New CAR!

And that mama is MEEEEE!

Yep, we took in my '99 Olds Brevada with over 101,000 miles yesterday, and using the Cash for Clunkers incentive, got a sweet deal on a '09 Jeep Patriot! I am loving it!

Truly, ya'll, if you need to trade cars sometime soon and ESP. if you have a car that you might not get much out of on a trade in, you need to go check this out! Chrysler is matching what the government is offering on trade-in! They don't PUT Jeeps on good sales like this, so otherwise we never would have gotten to buy a car this nice for such a great price!

Chris kept laughing at me last night cause I kept clapping my hands in glee at it! We really didn't want to have to have another car payment right now, but my car was gonna take several thousand dollars to fix up to where it wasn't hazardous and/or drive me crazy! Currently here were there issues:

--the driver door had to be locked immediately on entering or the interior light came on. It also couldn't be locked anyway BUT manually upon exiting. Auto lock no longer worked on that door.

--Gas gauge didn't work properly and had a tendency just to wave at me sometimes! LOL I had to keep an eye on how many miles I'd driven and fill it up after approx. 200 miles.

--Rear window defroster had come loose on one side, so therefore didn't work properly

So in order to fix these issues it probably would have cost us at least $1500! Instead, we just got a new one! LOL

Hey, it is still cheaper than what we were paying for daycare per month!


Lisa B said...

I'm thrilled for you! You so deserved this. You are going to look super cute in it! LOL

Mommy Kennedy said...

Congrats! We are looking around for a new ride too! Gotta get rid of my '97 Windstar! It's starting to eat all of my money!

Mel said...

Hooray on your new car, i knew Chrysler was matching!!! Excellent choice

Anonymous said...


Very cool car!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Great car :o) haha I can imagine you doing your happy clapping :o)

I wasnt a part of the cash for clunkers...but just recently, we were able to get a used mini cooper for me to drive around in... With all our 3 grown and in college, this is the perfect size (even for my 6'+ tall hubby)... He drives his Toyota Tundra, but for squeezing into parking spots in downtown Savannah, we take the mini :o)

Yay for you! Happy Cruisin!

Anonymous said...

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