Friday, July 10, 2009

Flashback Friday--I Can't Make You Love Me

Is this not just the best unrequited love song ever?! I love it still! It takes me back to college, when I was pining after a certain guy with whom I'd had a little hookup after having a crush on him for quite some time. He didn't feel the same way, though, so it never worked out...but man, did I spend lots of time wishing it would! LOL This song is one that I LOVE to belt out in the car with the radio turned up full blast! Of course, it doesn't hurt that my vocal range is very similar to Bonnie Raitt's, so I can pretend I sound good too!

So what is running through your head today? C'mon and share it! Post it on your site and come back and MckLinky it up so we can come visit ya and see it! Stop by and see another FIRST Wild Card Tour at BlahBlahReviews, too!

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Judy said...

Love that song...thanks for sharing it today!